Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Wedding Preparation Experience (Chinese Wedding held in Penang)

After Mr Right proposed to me, his family visited my parents (提亲) to discuss about dowry and any customary that my parents want to follow. Thanks God that my mum has become a modern mum despite being a full time housewife for 30 years! Glad that the meet up session went on smoothly.

First thing to do after the meet up was to go to Kim Tiao Tang (金吊桶 +604-2271655) at Penang Burmah Road to ask for the good date to have the customary pick up bride and tea ceremony. The consultation charge is RM50 which the uncle will provide the list of good wedding dates and dates and times for some customary procedures e.g. delivering dowry to the bride’s family, setting up the bridal room, pray to the Sky God etc. Once the RM50 is paid, we can call the uncle as many times as you want to ask whatever questions you have, be it to change the wedding date or anything about the custom procedures. I also tried to get the Sang Ke Erm from Kim Tiao Tang but she had been booked.

We started to list down the guest list as we need to find the venues that can cater the number of tables we require. For the venue, we did not choose a specific theme like beach or garden wedding but just opt to hold the wedding dinner at the hotel as it’s more modern looking as compared to Chinese restaurant. It’s really a headache for us to match the good dates with the venue we wanted. We even called up the uncle at Kim Tiao Tang a few times to recheck on the good date for us. Advice is to book the hotel as early as possible.

Once the date and venue is firmed, we decided on the best man, maid of honor, heng tais, ji muis and helpers at the reception. Luckily this was very easy for us.

Next we sourced for vendors – photographer, videographer, bridal houses, card printing company, wedding gift, florist and gown for ROM.

We highly recommend Albert Video (+6012-4220881) that charge at reasonable price for photographer and videographer. Besides, no upfront deposit is required ;) No restriction on the number of photo shots as well.

We took our photos at Milan Bridal House (+604-2288918). Sad to say that the photographer has left the bridal house to venture into other industry. Else, he is also highly recommended for his patience and in shooting the bridal photos and came out with the album.

As for card printing company, I’d recommend Link Two Enterprise which is located at 3A-470, Bukit Jambul Complex (+60124280820/+6 0123810820; Have a variety of cards at reasonable price. Good service too.

We chose The Starz Band to perform on our wedding dinner in Penang. Again, reasonable price with nice singers and songs. We are allowed to choose from the list of songs that they have. We can also request them to sing the songs that are not in their list. They just know to play the right song at the right stage of the wedding dinner. In Alor Setar, my dad invited a few Astro oldies singers to perform by paying RM5K of which only the older people will enjoy.

Eventually, we didn’t go for any special wedding gift like chopstick, candle, mini mug etc. We just got the bookmark with our bridal photos from the bridal house.

Some trivia things required will be signature booklet, parker pens for the guests to sign, box at reception to keep angpow.

Seating arrangement was the other thing to do once we received attendance confirmation from the invited guests.

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