Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bridal photos

Want to have the perfect bridal photos that you want?

First, you will need to decide on the ALBUM THEME. Something simple? cool? elegant? fairy style? etc.

You can refer to some wedding magazines or surf through some bridal houses websites to see the photo styles and determine what you actually want to be on your bridal album.

Milan Bridal House
Ideal Wedding
Crystal Brides
Desantia Bridal House
My Dream Wedding House
Bridal House

Once the theme is set, you will need to determine on the locations that you want to shoot your bridal photos - beach, garden, heritage building, jetty, clock tower, waterfall, hotel etc.

Once the above are decided, we will need to inform the photographer so that the photographer can help in taking photo shots to prepare the album later on. In fact, I would say PHOTOGRAPHER is the key factor in deciding on the bridal studio that we want to sign our bridal package with. If we can't communicate well with the photographer, the photos effect will not come out well and the album will not be something that we want/like.

Hence, before you sign up any package during bridal fair, do spend some times talking to the photographer to see if you can 'click' with him/ her.

My experience
What I did previously was I folded many pages from the magazines and passed to my photographer to let him know of the style and shot that I want to be in my album. I actually spent time looking through the magazines and surfing the internet on others' bridal photos. Afterall, it's once in a lifetime precious album with my hubby.

Besides, we had some photos taken in Europe (pre-honeymoon trip) as the bridal photos background. We talked to the photographer prior to our trip to find out if this is doable. And to our delight, it can be done. Those photos need to be taken at high resolution on a DSLR.

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